Career Advice

The job market is a confusing place. If you are lucky enough, you will be tapped on the shoulder by someone, either a recruiter or industry contact, who will suggest something new and exciting and will hopefully result in taking your career to a different level.

On the other hand you may be facing redundancy, or have already been made redundant in some form. Sometimes, particularly at a senior level, quick departures are dressed up in a compromise agreement. This is where both sides agree not to pursue any legal action and the candidate is paid off according to their length of service, salary and status in the company. These shocking discussions are simply where the company have decided that you no longer fit in to their plans or strategy and believe it would be less painful for all concerned for you to leave and find something more suitable. It's not very nice when it happens, but as long there is a true compromise, it's not all bad and it may turn out for the better. You get a good reference and enough money to live on for a good few months, sometimes years, depending on the circumstances.

Face Fit are always at hand to give impartial and heart felt advice whatever the situation. You can be assured of complete confidentiality and we shall always try to make the best of a situation.

It's really easy to get in touch and when you register, expect a call from Simon to discuss your career aspirations in detail. If we are working on something appropriate to your needs at the time, we will arrange to meet you face to face. If however, we don't have anything immediately suitable, we shall do our best to try to uncover vacancies for you. These vacancies are known as "the hidden jobs market" where we have clients who would like to be advised of good talent from time to time and this gives them options with strategic plans without having to go through a concerted recruitment drive. In conversation, a Managing Director might say, "Let me know if you come across a good ***. We are thinking of expanding or making a change to a certain area of our business shortly." Now, this isn't an immediate vacancy, it's what we refer to as a hidden job, soon to become available. It would be too early to start recruiting for such a role, but if we have someone who presents themselves to us, we can advise of upcoming opportunities before they are ever advertised. If we don't know about you, we can't help you.

When you are presented to a client through Face Fit, it is reassuring to know that you are not being sent along to keep the client happy. Face Fit only shortlist 3 people per vacancy. Usually one of the three are appointed and often it is less than 2 interviews per offer.

This enviable record of success saves the client time and therefore money, but more importantly, your chances of success are much greater. This is obviously subject to passing our screening interview, which will last 2/3 hours. If we feel that an opportunity isn't right for a particular reason, we will tell you why and this can be discussed when we meet.

We take recruitment very seriously and we expect candidates to do the same.

Don't turn up for an interview wearing anything different than you would meeting our client. You can count our interview as the first interview towards your new job. If we don't like what we see or hear, there won't be a second interview.

Face Fit are empowered and trusted to search for the best people for each role and assignment. Cultural fit, skill set, ability, aptitude, attitude and team dynamics are all examined during the interview process. Now, this all sounds pretty grueling, but we can assure you that it has worked well since 2003 and our abortive placement record is tiny. Which again, has it's upside, because when you get the offer from our client, you are likely to join them and enjoy your job. There should be no surprises as most things are covered well in advance.

Candidates that are not put forward for a particular role often recommend Simon to others and are grateful for his candid and professional approach to the recruitment process. Candidates that are offered to clients and subsequently join the client, become clients themselves for future openings in their teams.