CV Review

Your CV is a measure of who you are and your likely capabilities.

There are a few things to consider when compiling or updating your CV, because it's a very important document.

Recruiters tend to spend around 6 seconds reading a CV after they have searched for key skills. Mostly, they will be looking at your job title and start/end dates with a particular company.

Layout is critical to the recruiter, as most recruiters have software which will file you in a certain way, picking up key skills and experience. Keywords within your CV play an important role in returning search results for a defined job role.

The quality of your CV will also be a factor for the employer. A well structured CV might get the attention of a hiring manager, over something less favourable.

Typically, employers are seeing many more CV's than they used to because of email. Getting their attention quickly and keeping interest is really important.

Recruiters can be useful in selling you to the employer, but many recruiters fall short of presenting you properly, because of their lack of understanding of the housebuilding sector. Many simply don't know the job roles and can become a hinderance rather than a help.

You want someone who understands every role within housebuilding and understands the different cultures of companies in order to best match your experience.

This is why a well written CV is an important starting point.

The quality of your CV will cause a potential employer to decide in a matter of seconds, whether they will be calling you for an interview or filing you away forever.

What an employer really wants to know is why they should invite you for an interview. For this reason a short summary of your capabilities and/or a list of your major achievements can often be a good idea.

Face Fit can offer advice to ensure that you will be well received by a prospective employer. We can review your CV completely free of charge and suggest ways to improve your chances of grabbing the attention of a hiring manager/director.