Partnering with Face Fit Group is a truly collaborative experience. Conducting an executive search for your organisation's board member, chief executive or senior-level management is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly.

Our methods are based on a thorough understanding of the strategic, financial and operational issues affecting your organisation today.

Face Fit brings housebuilding industry professionals to a wide variety of clients in every discipline including; Land, Planning, Commercial, Technical, Finance, Construction, Customer Care, Sales, Marketing, Legal, Main Board, Managing Directors and all support staff for each discipline.

The Headhunting process consists of three main areas;

Database Search

Using our own database of housebuilding candidate since 2003 and from our own jobs board www.newhomesjobs.co.uk created by Simon Wilkins in 2008 and is the first housebuilding jobs board ever created in the UK. Since it's inception, many thousands of candidates have registered, giving Face-Fit exclusive and immediate access to those candidates.

Advertised Selection

Advertisements are placed in the most appropriate media, including external jobs boards, networking and social media forums and key trade magazines and papers. These advertisements are carefully worded to quickly attract the correct calibre of candidate and all applications are screened and then interviewed face to face as usual.


Face Fit have a comprehensive referral network from key people within housebuilding groups. These networkers are a valuable source of information when searching for a particular discipline or job function.