Need A Job?

Our boutique uniqueness ensures that we open doors for candidates, where they would normally be closed.

In the same fashion, we engage with our candidates on a professional level, being able to relate to their specific needs in whichever discipline they work within.

Both passive and active candidates are more likely to be interested to hear from Simon, than an array of constantly changing consultants, with 'Bums on Seats' mentality. Simon's sincere viewpoint is well received when giving advice to candidates or clients. Simon has an engaging personality, is genuine and sincere and very mindful that confidentiality is everything in such a closely linked industry.


We value our candidates and try hard to find the right opportunity as quickly as possible. Candidates will quickly understand that they are dealing with a professional recruiter, who has a genuine interest in their career aspirations. CV's are important, but they only form part of the process. We will never send a CV without the candidates prior knowledge and unlike other agencies, we don't go fishing with your CV. Only when an opportunity has been discussed, will we submit a CV to our client. Because of Simon's excellent reputation and trust within the housebuilding sector, Clients will automatically interview suggested candidates, as they are familiar with Simon's approach to the recruitment process and the thorough understanding he has of both the clients requirements and the candidates skill set and cultural fit.


If you haven't already made contact, make sure that you register and upload your CV in confidence, or visit and register as a candidate. We look forward to helping you in your career, giving whatever advice is appropriate every step of the way.