Salary Benchmarking

How much are you worth?

That's for you and your prospective/current employer to decide together.

Salary Benchmarking is a service that we provide clients and candidates to keep people up to date for every role within each housebuilding discipline.

The market will change from time to time and being out of touch when considering salaries and bonuses can cause disappointment for employees and ultimately lead to losing a good team member. On the other hand, recruiting the right person at a level which is consistent or better than your competition is also and important factor.

Many conversations take place behind closed doors of major plc's. Knowing how to reward and how to structure pay is where companies can exceed employee expectations without breaking the bank.

It might be the difference between keeping people motivated or secretly devastated and searching for other opportunities. How many times have you tried to buy back an employee without success? By knowing where you should be in the market, gives you the upper hand to reward or not, long before they have been tempted away. Many employees feel that it is the employers responsibility to increase salaries based upon performance, without the employee having to ask for a rise or promotion. When companies find out that their good employee is leaving, a last minute attempt to rescue the situation is often 'too little-too late'.

Face Fit track all salaries within each discipline across the UK and have our finger on the pulse. We know what motivates candidates and what frustrates them. If a new bonus structure is put in place by a higher authority which doesn't suit the board of directors, we have such close relationships, that we will know within a matter of hours.

Handling sensitive data is our speciality.

By making sure that your teams are being well rewarded, you stand less chance of losing key members. Obviously, salary is only one factor - but it's enough to get people thinking about where they fit in and what the company thinks of them.

The grass often seems greener and sometimes it is. The skill is keeping everyone happy at a sensible level.

We help with providing non specific (due to confidentiality) information to companies that require a sounding board on salaries in the market for every discipline in housebuilding.

The service is offered to candidates too, based upon experience and the kind of housebuilding group that they are considering joining.

Get in touch, in confidence.