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Sales & Marketing Director - Yorkshire
Sales and Marketing is one of the most important parts of any business. In housebuilding, it's the barometer of the market and confidence to buy more land, invest in strategic projects and to maximise profit, whilst delivering the best customer experience through trained sales professionals. If you're at the stage of thinking of a new challenge, you really should consider this opportunity. Like all opportunities in Sales, they present their problems and this forms part of the overall strategy. Mindset is everything. If you're able to enthuse your team and have the gravitas to make a difference to the brand and to the bottom line, this growing housebuilder will be very excited to hear from you.
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Head of Technical - Berks/Hants/Ox/Surrey/Dorset
Sandwiched between a Technical Director and the technical team is Head of Technical. Responsible for the tech-team on a day to day basis. Working for an autonomous Tech Director, you'll have to know all of the answers. Project delivery, great management skills and an ability to impart key data quickly and succinctly will be required here.
Enough to attract you
Design Engineer - Leicestershire
Housebuilding business with a difference is hoping to attract a first class Design Engineer. You must be crazy if you work with a consultant - you should be inside a nice housebuilder. Call Simon Wilkins now 07554 234567
Enough to attract you
Project Manager - Civil Engineering - Leicestershire
Project Manager - Civil Engineering - Great opportunity to work within a growing qualitative housebuilder in the Leicestershire area. Most of the role will encompass organising and coordinating consultants. If you have an understanding of roads, sewers, external works, drainage - this could be very exciting. Make sure you call Simon Wilkins 07554 234567 This is how it works. We speak, We meet, We decide if my client is for you and vice-versa. Simon Wilkins The Headhunter will visit your area and meet at a nice hotel after hours in confidence. Don't hang around - all roles are exclusive.