Latest Vacancies

Sensible basic and bonus
Sales & Marketing Director - Sussex/Surrey/Kent/South London
Accomplished Sales Director with a few years under your belt in the role is required. No learner drivers for this one. You'll need to show what you can do, through a meticulous career history.
Huge package
Construction DIrector - Southern
There has been quite a lot of activity with Construction opportunities at various levels in the South East lately. Most have been pretty average, demanding and testing roles with high expectations. This kind of role will attract most Construction Directors. I'm not really interested in most Construction Directors as typically, without any unintended disrespect, they fall into a certain profile type. What makes you different? I'm looking for Different. Show me that you're different, in a good way.
whatever it takes
Commercial Director (Contruction/Engineering)
Are you tough enough? Are you sharp enough? Can you grow to become a better leader and manage a strong team? Commercial acumen is only the start. This opportunity will be very satisfying if you like hard work. No slackers here, you'll be found out within a week. The sky is the limit for salary, you just have to like heights.
6 Figure Package
Head of Sales - Southern
Very few Senior Sales Managers will be able to demonstrate that they are ready for this exciting role. Why? Because you're probably not ready. How do you know that? By meeting you to discuss your career. I can tell almost straight away whether you're ready and what you are missing to reach the next level.