Who We Are

Face Fit stands apart in their desire to partner closely with our clients and our commitment to go the extra mile to ensure client success.

Simon Wilkins, founder and headhunter of Face fit, conducts all search and selection assignments. Simon, a former housebuilding director, understands every role within the housebuilding industry and has been headhunting since 2003, placing and advising thousands of candidates from every discipline and culture.
Integral, not a bolt-on

We believe that our partnering approach allows us to uniquely serve our clients human capital management needs. We take the time to fully understand our clients' businesses to ensure that we deliver the right fit for their organisation and culture. We thoroughly research the market and identify a shortlist of potential candidates for further discussion. More often, we shortlist just 2 or 3 excellent candidates.

Deep Meaningful Dialogue

During the interview, many scenarios are covered including the all important 'buy-back' from the existing employer, present frustrations and likely cultural preferences. Very few recruiters are able to offer the level of understanding that Simon has, not only in recruitment, but also as a Director in housebuilding and is therefore able to delve into specialist knowledge in every discipline.


As an informed, trusted partner and ambassador, we present the opportunity to the candidate by creating interest and demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of the role. We provide compelling reasons why a highly sought after candidate should engage with the recruitment process. Our particular strength is the high level of trust and confidentiality that one should expect from Headhunters in general, but something that is often overlooked. Simon has an excellent reputation and discretion is assured.


Because all assignments are individual and exclusive to Face-Fit, candidates are quickly put at ease as they will not hear of the vacancy from other recruiters and will always be kept informed of all progress without the fear of another recruiter interfering or compromising their own job. So often we hear of bad practices, where candidates that are engaging with recruiters find themselves exposed, because the recruiting firms go behind their backs to 'back-fill' their job.


Our interview screening process is often at a location close to the candidate and we spend as long as it takes to fully understand each candidate. It's not a 20 minute "hello, pleased to meet you" affair. Our meetings are normally 2/3 hours. We get to the bottom of who people are and what motivates them.


When we believe that the candidate will fit-in and do a great job, the client is revealed and an interview is arranged. For the candidate, this means that there is a good chance of getting an offer, because we feel that they would be suitable. For the client, there is good chance of the candidate being ideal, because we understand our clients and know who is likely to fit in.

Over the past decade, Face Fit have supported numerous corporate, associations and Housebuilding clients throughout the UK, including RSL's and Media and PR companies linked to housebuilding.

Ethical, Confidential, Courteous and Professional consulting at every level.

We are different (they all say that)

Before going into every detail about why we are different from other recruiters, it is worth starting with just a few things that set us apart.

Simon is a former Housebuilding Director, able to quickly appreciate and understand clients requirements.

  • Highly Confidential - They all say they are, but we know differently.
  • We don't poach staff from Clients - ever.
  • We don't pretend to be your best friend.
  • Relationships are life long, not job long. When you engage Face-Fit you are buying Simon's expertise and experience of headhunting and housebuilding culture.
  • We act exclusively for all clients.
  • Advice is always given in good faith for both parties.
  • Most clients are recommended.
  • Many candidates are recommended.